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Film It hits the road

Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 13, 2017   Film-It, an entertainment platform in Bangladesh that holds video contests, selects the winner for its first month (November 2017) contest.  Film-It recently selected the winner for its November video contest. Renowned filmmaker and media activist Shameem Akhtar, entertainment journalist and script analyst Sadia Khalid Reeti, renowned director Haider Rizvi and renowned art critic Moinuddin Khaled were present as members of the jury board. “Nike Commercial” by Sonny Alvarez was selected as the winning video.  Film-It was launched on November 2017 as an entertainment platform in Bangladesh with a strong global presence with the intention of promoting good filmmaking. It was initiated to give filmmakers a chance to show off their chops through a film competition. The organization had earlier announced that filmmakers would have to submit videos that would awe and entertain them, make them laugh, cry, avert their eyes and get their attention. Th